Our Products

ELEVAM manufactures many kinds of lamps in order to meet customers' needs.
Please contact our sales department about the details of our products.

  Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp
This lamp features a cold cathode and small diameter of 1.8mm-14mm and is most suitable for LCD backlights, scanning light sources of FAXs and scanners, decoration lamps of game machines.
  Hot Cathode Fluorescent Lamp
This lamp features a hot cathode, small diameter of 4.85mm-15.5mm and high brightness. It is most suitable for light sources illuminating manuscripts in OA equipments, shop lighting and backlights for signboards.
  Ultraviolet Lamp
This lamp radiates ultraviolet rays of 253.7nm -365nm and suits best to light sorces for optical catalysis reactions, germicidal uses, inspection and discrimination applications.
And also it is suitable for lamps to stimulate glow-in-the-dark pigments used at stages or event places.
  Surge Absorber
The surge absorber protects electric devices in telecomunication and industrial equipments from destroying by high voltage surges caused in lightning, electro-magnetic induction and static electricity.
  Neon Lamp
We have many kinds of neon lamps such as neon discharge tubes of orange-yellow color, fluorescent glow indicator lamps of white, green red, blue colors and other indicator lamps.
They are used for indicator lamps showing on-off conditions of switches and power supplies, and also backlights for characters and images.
ELEVAM provides many types of general inverters matching best for cold cathode fluorescent lamps.
Furthermore, we produce custom inverters of high performance which make the best use of know-how as the lamp maker, and then respond to produce small quantity and many types of inverters.